How to measure the well-being of your employees

The well-being of employees contributes to the company's productivity. Indeed, employee commitment can be an indicator of performance. Today, companies are trying out many methods to measure the well-being of their employees. Among these means of measurement, there are the employee engagement surveys, which today is considered reliable and whose application is recommended by managers and human resources.

What are employee engagement surveys?

The employee engagement survey is a method of collecting instinctive information that the company will share with its employees. It is a questionnaire formed according to the information sought by the company. However, the purpose is always the same. It is to measure well-being and commitment but especially if the employees could recommend their company. The employee engagement surveys questionnaire is written and analyzed by professionals. It will depend on size, activity, and other criteria depending on what the professionals need. They will discover relevant information in their analysis. Many firms and consultants today offer this method to improve the social climate in companies.

The content of the employee engagement surveys.

The employee engagement survey questionnaire can contain as many questions as necessary. It can consist of a single question which is usually "Would you recommend your company? "or several questions about the sources of motivation and demotivation at work. Also, employees' satisfaction with management, shortcomings to be considered and improvements to be proposed. An employee engagement survey is often anonymous, however, for better analysis, it is interesting for each person to mention his or her identity or at least an indication of his or her position or category.

The usefulness of employee engagement surveys.

The usual methods of analysis within a company are often focused on the results and the shortcomings of the employee, for example on the annual performance appraisals. However, it is also important to have information on the well-being of employees. The employee engagement surveys will enable the employer to determine exactly where the sources of motivation and demotivation lie, as well as their shortcomings towards their employees. Managers will then be able to work on this. The objective of this questionnaire is to get a view of the company from the employees and the way it is run. After analyzing the results from the employees, the managers or persons in charge will propose action plans that will be shared with all participants. In this way, each party will be able to follow the evolution of the company's situation over a fixed period.
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