How to know if your employees are committed to their work

Running a business is not an easy thing. All employees must be fully involved in their respective tasks to ensure the development of the company. A person's degree of involvement is shown by his or her daily behavior in the office. You just have to know how to identify them. The following lines take stock of the situation.


Punctuality is the first form of involvement in a project or work. For someone who doesn't care, he or she won't bother to wake up on time or go to bed on time so as not to arrive late. One minute late a day is a significant amount of time in a year. The productivity of This impact, which could decrease the company's turnover. An employee must arrive a few minutes to get ready. If the employee arrives just on time, the working time will be reduced by a few minutes. For a single employee, five minutes is very little. But if everyone is five minutes late, there is a heavy effect on the company's production. Every employee involved must therefore realize the benefit of punctuality.

Quality and productivity

An employee's involvement is demonstrated in his work itself. No matter the situation, he always gives the best of himself by trying to surpass himself. For example, if the productivity objective is imposed, he will still try to surpass it. Those who only do what is necessary are not very thorough. The same goes for the quality of work, no matter what the situation, quality must be maintained. For example, no disagreements or sanctions should impact the quality of work requested.


Enthusiasm is the greatest proof of involvement in his work. Being enthusiastic comes in many different ways. Among other things, when an employee is assigned an assignment, he or she does not show any hesitation. He must ask questions in an interested manner. In any case, this enthusiasm is visible on his or her face. If non-mandatory overtime is required, the employee does not hesitate to participate, even if he or she can refuse. Also, mutual respect at work is proof of involvement. A disinterested person will not be indifferent to those in charge. Note that managers must encourage employees to become more involved in their work.  
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