Safety in the workplace

Heath at work: it’s also balanced lunch breaks !

 Lunch breaks should be a real meal. Eating too fast in a corner will not do you any good for your health. Even though lunch breaks are often short, you still need to take your time. You need to eat…

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What is hardship at work?

In the field of work, employers have a duty to prevent hardship at work. But what does arduous work mean? How is it characterized? Here is an article that gives you the details on the subject! What is hardship at…

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Ho to prevent the risks of work accidents?

An accident occurring during the journey between the employee’s accommodation and his company is also considered a work accident. These accidents can have a direct or indirect impact for the company and the employee. Thus, it is up to the…

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A box of FFP2 masks to protect yourself

Wearing a respiratory mask is necessary to defend against viruses or bacteria that are likely to be transmitted through the air or by salivary emission (flu, cough, etc.). Since the appearance of covid-19, all over the world, it has been…

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