Ho to prevent the risks of work accidents?

An accident occurring during the journey between the employee's accommodation and his company is also considered a work accident. These accidents can have a direct or indirect impact for the company and the employee. Thus, it is up to the employer to take the necessary measures to ensure the physical and mental safety of its employees in the workplace.

Diffrent types of occupational accidents

The use of chemicals, poorly controlled activity or awkward postures subject employees to a risk of occupational accident. These risks are likely to cause bodily or psychological damage as well as illnesses whose effects may be immediate. Mechanical risks: crushing, cuts, repetitive movements Psychosocial risks: physical or verbal aggression, harassment, stress Physical risks: bad weather, lighting level, air quality, noise level Apart from these different risks, there are also chemical, biological and radiological risks.

The reduction of possible damage

The prevention of occupational risks seeks to avoid the occurrence of damage. As a result, it puts more action on the employee and his protection as well as risk screening. Indeed, an in-depth analysis sheds light on the possible causes of an accident and prevents measures to avoid it. If these risks cannot be removed, the capacity of employees to cope with them will need to be strengthened. On the other hand, securing the fleet of machines is an important point to consider for the prevention of occupational risks. Machines like saws and cutters can cause serious accidents.

Put in place instructions adapted to the activities of each employee

The general principles of occupational accident risk prevention are based on the implementation of good instructions. Thus, for example, it is possible to impose a maximum speed for forklifts. Indeed, a suitable speed will reduce the risk of an accident. Furthermore, with regard to vehicles, technical control is essential to ensure their effectiveness. To ensure the health and safety of employees, the employer must also put in place an action plan in the event of an emergency. For this, good communication within the company is essential
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