What is hardship at work?

In the field of work, employers have a duty to prevent hardship at work. But what does arduous work mean? How is it characterized? Here is an article that gives you the details on the subject!

What is hardship at work?

Exposure to one or more occupational risk factors that can have definitive and lasting effects on the health of the employee affiliated to the general social security scheme or Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA) is called hardship at work. In general, the risk factors are linked to marked physical efforts, a very harsh physical environment, inappropriate working conditions and fairly difficult work rhythms such as repetitive action, night work, etc. The exposure assessment of these risk factors for arduous work is considered after taking into account the individual and collective protection precautions organized by the employer.

How is the arduousness at work caracterized?

aduousness at work is characterized by exposure to one or more occupational risk factors which can cause lasting and irrevocable marks on the health of the employee. Trigger thresholds are defined for each of the risk factors. The factors of hardship at work are physical constraints. For example: transporting very heavy loads, working positions that cause joint problems and vibrations caused by machines. There are also the constraints attached to the pace of work such as night work, alternating teamwork and repetitive gestures. Without forgetting the psychological constraints which are determined by the risk of physical and psychological aggression.

What are the obligations of an employer in case of expositions to risks?

An employer must make an annual declaration to the pension funds. He is no longer obliged to write a hardship sheet for each employee exposed to factors of hardship above the thresholds. To examine the positions, jobs and work situations exposed to hardship factors, employers can refer to the law to see branch agreements or professional standards created by professional organizations. Employers must also take into account the decrees drawn up by the State which consolidate the rules for preventing risks to the safety and health of employees caused by artificial or natural ionizing radiation. They must also provide training on hardship at work, which is very important so that employees know for themselves whether their working conditions are suitable and also to avoid exposure to risks.
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