How can you listen more effectively to your employees?

In fact, the success of a company depends first and foremost on the contribution of its employees, who must therefore evolve in a work environment focused on productivity. In this context, the ability to listen is probably one of the main levers for increasing the effectiveness of work teams. Any good manager should understand that active listening to employees is necessary for good internal communication.

What does "listening" mean?

It is not enough to let your ears hang down to learn all the ins and outs of a discussion. Listening is not hearing, nor is it innate. It is a talent that needs to be worked on following Effectory. It is clear that you all have a remarkable ability to reassure someone who is talking to you, to express your own opinion and to recall your expertise. Listening really leads to total accessibility, to verbal communication, but also through your tone of voice, posture, gestures, etc. to the other person, to what they are expressing, not to what you perceive and wish to convey. Listening completely means opening up to the other people, putting yourself in their shoes and trying to understand what is going on behind the words. Active listening means encouraging the other person to express him/herself completely, honestly, without fear of hasty judgment. 

How are you prepared to listen to staff?

The chat session, more commonly known as 'Conversational Thursday', is becoming as popular as 'Casual Friday' and is very popular across the Atlantic. It is a day of discussions, during which workers are monitored by supervisors and by the president. Although it has been used for a long time, the comment box is also a valuable method of collecting suggestions from workers in an organisation. It is one of the collective management tools that collects feedback from workers, indicating that they are still being listened to by the organisation. However, it is necessary to complete the project following Effectory and to take into account the opinions and recommendations that are made. 

Why is it so important to talk to workers?

In a company, the performance of a project depends on several criteria, and usually on the sense of commitment of the teams working on it. You will end up with effortless performers who will not find value in their work if their only motivation is pay. You need to make them actively participate in the smooth running of the company by listening to their grievances, particularly to the solutions they propose, and by getting them feel responsible for the outcome of the tasks whether performed or not. If listening does not really mean that all small disagreements are taken into account internally, it can also greatly minimize them.
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