Covid 19: Are your employees satisfied with the way you handle the crisis in your company?

Covid-19 has not only impacted companies' productivity, it has also affected the relationship employees have with their employer. In times of crisis, managers always have to make new arrangements, but these do not always please the employees. Yet this kind of situation could have disastrous effects on the productivity of the company.

Why is it important to know how employees feel in times of crisis?

Not all employees in a company will have the same source of motivation. Even though most employees work to earn a salary, this is not the only reason for them to excel. Employers should try to keep a certain amount of control over the motivation of employees, since the smooth running of the company as a whole depends on it. When employees question the way they are managed, they are less and less involved in their work. It is therefore important to be able to get their impressions, especially during difficult times. In times of crisis, employees and employers have to make concessions on both sides. But if too many concessions are made, the finger is always pointed at management. To avoid such misunderstandings, good leadership is always needed. 

Employee surveys

Employee surveys are a term used to describe the means by which employees' impressions on their work are obtained. It is a survey that aims to obtain data on their commitment, their morale or their productivity. Employee surveys can take many different forms. The employer can, for example, ask employees to fill in a questionnaire, or organise meetings in which employees can express their wishes. The most important thing is that managers are informed about the position of employees on the way they are managed.

The impact of Covid-19 on employees' work

Covid-19 is an evil that has crippled the operations of many companies in the country. The virus has not only affected employers, but also employees. The latter are now having to work under restrictive conditions, and they are unhappy about this. In such situations, the use of leadership tools, such as employee surveys, can maintain harmony within the company. When leaders are interested in the opinions of employees, they can take the necessary steps to motivate them to do their jobs.
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