How to conduct an employee survey?

The definition of a worker survey is a survey that focuses on the opinions and appreciations of employees. This survey allows you to question their emotions, their morale, their commitment, but above all the workers' performance. Usually, employee surveys are used by members of a company's management and human resources teams. They generally remain anonymous to motivate employees to share their good and bad experiences without hesitation.

Online Employee Survey

If you plan to recruit and retain top talent, take advantage of employee surveys to understand the impact of existing policies and identify areas for improvement. HR surveys will be a great help in calculating individual performance, offering competitive benefits, conveying recognition, motivating employee engagement, and interacting with workers. Employee feedback and survey results will reveal the existing situation (effectiveness and inefficiency), this feedback will help to track the progress of improvement.

What topics should employees be asked about?

Each survey submitted to the company's employees can focus on one topic or cover several topics. However, each survey must respond to a specific purpose, which must be determined before questioning employees. Proposing a short internal questionnaire is therefore essential. It is, therefore, useful to support research aimed at determining specific aspects of working life or at grouping together two or three directly related subjects. For example, the series of questions used can incorporate the following ideas: enchantment, happiness at work, and the atmosphere within the company. If the research covers several aspects, it should be logically structured and discuss each topic one by one. Also, it is important to explain the purpose, objective, and result of the survey in the title of the questionnaire. Employees need to know what their answers will be used for to fully participate in completing the questionnaire and improve employee engagement.

What are the tips for creating surveys?

Confront the various departments in your company and study the development of their results. At the same time, monitor changes in employee satisfaction levels to determine if your efforts are successful. Then, receive the results of your survey in several languages, this will help you get more accurate answers. Using a template, the method is certified by methodological experts, which can reduce the design time of your staff and HR surveys. In just a few minutes, you will be able to develop online surveys on a wide range of topics, such as employee satisfaction, 360-degree evaluation, recruitment, employee engagement, and more.
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